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About Us

Pröwess is a straight-on rock ‘n’ roll band hailing from the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Touring relentlessly across the U.S. as an upstart, this once relatively unknown act has amassed a loyal following in all corners with their killer live show that throws a nod to the legendary hard rock bands of the late-70’s.

Pröwess will release their full-length studio debut album “Blacktop Therapy” produced by Tuk Smith [ex-BITERS] on January 4th, 2020. Their most recent single called “Lookin’ for a Bullet” was named Classic Rock Magazine’s Tracks of the Week in May 2019.

The horizon looks bright for these young rockers, who aim to bring back the grit and sweat of when rock ‘n’ roll was having its heyday. Keep your eyes peeled, because Pröwess is the real deal.


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